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Lapping TPO shingles provide one durable roof covering option.

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From the Air--Left to Right--Kit Shop Building,
Our 48' dia. dome home, Our prairie

Creators of ten-sided EconOdome Home Kits (TM)
Precision Double Compound Miter Cut
Dome    Home    Building    Kits
Where Custom is Standard!

Lapping TPO shingles keep this three story
3,000sf dome home dry inside

1,2,3 & 4 Bedroom 2-Story 30 ft. diameter
dome home floor plans, pics, & more info.
Build with 30 ft. dia. Basic 2x4 frame kit costing $6,750.
Or, build with 2x4 on 2x4 T-Beam frame kit costing $10,200.

30ft. dia. dome home built 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle

geodesic dome
A partially assembled 38.5 ft. dia. Basic 2x4 EconOdome frame kit. Click pic to see more.



A comprehensively designed geodesic dome frame kit

Evolving Dome Home Kits for Building Round Dome Homes since 1982.
Sturdy and aerodynamic EconOdome kit built structures are
Earthquake, Storm and Hurricane Safer Round Homes.
Precision Cut Kit Round Homes have Ten Equal Sides.
Ten-Equal-Sided Foundation and Floor is Easier to Build.
The EconOdome frame Kit includes custom vertical framing at perimeter
for Conventional Doors and Windows at no extra charge.

Custom framing for all exterior doors, windows, and skylights
is included at no extra charge.
Extensions for doors and windows are not needed with the EconOdome design.
The ten-sided perimeter can accomodate many interior floorplans.
Floorplans have many 90 degree corners for furniture and appliances.
The dome roof may be reliably waterproofed
using lapping 60 mil thermoplastic (TPO).
Large triangular rubbery shingles are attached
to the exterior panels at the factory.
This remarkable innovation
keeps building materials...DRY...
and the interior of your home...DRY...
during and after construction.
Pre-cut insulated and ventilated exterior triangle panels are an option.
Pre-cut triangular TPO shingles may also be ordered as an option.
Insulation installed outside the the building framework is very effective.
Ventilation improves energy efficiency and inhibits mold growth.
The exterior is covered like an expanding umbrella
from top to bottom, so you have a place to stand while working.
Awkward upside-down work to finish the dome ceiling is eliminated.
The EconOdome T-Beam Construction System developed by Faze Change Produx
eliminates the need for scaffolding &/or ladders after the frame is assembled.
The interior facing insulated panels are held in alignment by the 3D triangulated grid.
The exterior insulated and ventilated panels with lapping TPO roofing shingles then installed.
All this is done from outside the framework while standing on the sturdy assembled EconOdome T-Beam frame kit.
EconOdome T-Beam frame and panel Kits, Plans, &
The Force of Gravity can help you to build an awesome dome home.
May The Force Be With You!

Roam Home to a Dome

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Partially Assembled 38.5' Dia. T-Beam Frame Kit
Above 2x6 Riser Wall with Braced Corner Posts.

Painted panels are held in place by gravity.
Placing Panels creates a growing umbrella.

Lots of exposed natural wood is delightful.

Built in Santa Fe, New Mexico with T-Beam Kits

Viewed thru a Fish Eye Lens...Things Are Looking UP.

38.5' dia. 2-Story Dome Home
with 30'dia. garage + loft

Faze Change Produx 2-Story
48'dia. w/ 3,000 sq.ft.

2000 sq.ft.earthbermed
dome home in California

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We are located in central Illinois, near the center of the USA.
1331 County Road 1470E, Sullivan, IL 61951

T-Beam Inside Close-Up Photo & Wil at Home in Dome

38.5'dia. T-Beam frame kit
Built with local help in NM

We have many floorplans in stock.
We will provide you with a "FREE" stock floorplan,
if, you send us an e-mail describing your ten-sided dream home.
Your description, of size and desired features,
will allow us to choose a floorplan to send to you
that matches your description as closely as possible.

If you wish to order a custom floor plan
for your new ten-sided dream home,
the cost, including five revisions, is $75usa.
A floor plan is the internal layout only.
A custom floor plan is needed before a
complete detailed custom plan set can be drawn.
Revisions of floor plans are handled by e-mail.
To order your personal custom floor plan,
Push "Buy Now" below these words.

A complete custom plan set will cost
one US dollar per square foot ($1,800 minimum).
The minimum complete plan set charge is $1,800.
If you have settled upon a particular floor plan and
wish to proceed with having a custom plan set drawn,
a $900 deposit is required to begin the drawing process.
To make a secure $900 plan set deposit or plan set final payment,
please push the "BUY NOW" button below these words.

To Receive Answers to your Questions
Plus Free
Sample Floor Plans and Sample Plan Sets

send email to: wil@econodome.com
Please include (in your email) info about the size
and geographic location of your building site
So that we can send you relevant info and sample plans.
We have many already drawn floor plans and plan sets.

If you wish to send your sketches via snail mail
and/or to order anything with a check or money order,
please send paperwork via regular mail in an envelope to:
Faze Change Produx, 1331 CR 1470E, Sullivan IL 61951 USA

Loft Ledge for 2nd Floor
Design Innovations by Faze Change Produx include:
a new type of EconOdome frame kit
that is called, the "Loft Ledge" frame kit.
The "Loft Ledge" frame kit
includes ten pre-fabbed 2x6 riser walls
and ten pre-fabbed 2x6 vertical trapezoids
Also included are 2x4 pre-cut struts and blocking components
that are used to complete the top of the EconOdome frame kit.

The lowest two levels of the building are made with 2x6 lumber,
and, the top of the dome is made with 2x4 lumber.
All the precison cut framing is flush at the exterior surface,
So a "Level Loft Ledge" is created on the interior of the dome
because 2x6 lumber is thicker than 2x4 lumber.
This two inch wide "Level Loft Ledge" can be used to
support the second story loft level.
This innovative feature allows you to more
easily and economically construct a loft level within a dome.
See drawing just to the right.................................................

A "T-Beam Loft Ledge" frame kit costs 50% more
than a "Basic Loft Ledge" frame kit.
See section view of T-Beam further to the right & up a little.


There are many ways that the exterior surface can be waterproofed.
Besides embeding scrims into a painted on rubbery surface,
the dome can be waterproofed with conventional shingles, metal shingles,
OR, the dome roof can be waterproofed with large lapping rubbery TPO shingles.

TPO is most often used to waterproof large commercial buildings with nearly flat roofs.
We have found that TPO roofing works very well on dome home roofs and...
TPO roofing can be bonded/glued to the exterior panels at the factory...SO...
TPO shingles are bonded/glued to EconOdome exterior panels at the factory.
This innovative feature enables you to seal your dome roof much more quickly on the job site.
The TPO shingles extend 3" beyond the edges of the triangle panels.
6" screws are inserted into precisely pre-drilled holes to secure the panels.
After the triangle panels are attached to the EconOdome roof frame,
THEN the 6" overlaps are "tack welded"
using a heat gun between the laps and your gloved hand outside the laps.
You can both bond and smooth most of the area between TPO laps without using the roller.
This will help prevent wrinkles when you heat weld the outside edges of the laps.
THEN the outermost 1" edges of the 6" TPO laps are melted together
using both the heat gun & a small silicone roller.

A digitally operated Wagner heat gun costs $40 at Home Depot.
Other brands of heat guns are also available online.
Any type of heat gun that will maintain a constant
850 to 900 degrees F. temperature can be used to properly heat weld TPO laps.
HEAT WELDING the TPO LAPS molecularly bonds the Lapping Layers of TPO.


These triangle panels are easily attached
to the exterior of the EconODome frame
with heavy duty 6" screws (included with all panel kits)
Holes are pre-drilled in the panels for the screws.

OSB spacers are used to form
a ventilation space
under both the siding and roofing.
A full surface ventilation cavity
is created that extends from the
lower perimeter of the ten sided building
to the top of the dome roof where the rising
warm and moist air is allowed to escape.
The intake for the ventilation space
is located at the lower perimeter of the building,
just behind the bottom edge of the siding.
vent system detail
SV3, a product made by coravent.com
is attached behind the bottom edge of the siding.
SV3 keeps the bugs out of the vent space.
The "drying air" space behind both the siding
and the roofing virtually eliminates the
possibility of mold developing behind the siding.

We call our "Produx"
"EconOdome Kits" for a reason.
We include design inovations because we can,
so you can have an awesome dome home
that you can build yourself
with precision cut EconOdome Kits
manufactured by Faze Change Produx.

This southwest style dome home in New Mexico includes a large sunroom between the house and garage.
This home also features custom interior woodwork and three floor levels above the walk-out basement level.
Eric and Buena Kaylor lived in the camper while their home was under construction.

Click Here for unedited dome home building story by Steve Butterworth.
This dome home was built in New Mexico and is clad entirely with fire safe DensDeck Prime Roof Board.
One inch thick R-6.5 insulation board was glued to the back side of the DensDeck sheeting prior to installation.
The exterior was then sealed using a proven commercial roof sealing method called "the saturated seal".
This sealing method and other methods are most often used to
waterproof large and expensive commercial buildings such as hotels and office buildings.
Commercial waterproofing systems undergo rigorous independent testing.
Many commercial waterproofing sysems work well on EconOdome buildings.
And commercial waterproofing sysems allow for the installation of
rigid insulation sheeting on the exterior of the building.
This feature helps to make a dome home built with EconOdome kits both
more energy efficient and also more storm tolerant.

We at Faze Change Produx can help with the drawing of custom plans
that are drawn exactly as you wish, and, a company we often work with,
Precision Structural Engineering, on the web at www.structure1.com
can help you with the often required professional engineering approval.
Precision Structural Engineering is licensed to approve plans
nearly everywhere in the USA and also elsewhere in the world.
If you wish to discuss design options for a project you are considering,
contact Wil at 217-728-2184 or Toll Free at 888-DOME-LUV
Or, send an email to wil@econodome.com

This 38.5' dia. 2-Story Dome Home is being
built with a 2x6 Basic EconOdome frame kit.

The cupola at the top of the dome allows for natural ventilation.
A sunroom added to the dome serves as both a garden and formal dining room.

Want a spacious 2,000 square foot dome home for about $40,000?
How can this be done? By building with a 2x4 Basic EconOdome frame kit.
Realize you can save money if you make your own triangle panels.
However, this will require a lot of time and effort.
and construct your own radiantly heated concrete floor that rests on a raised
and retained bed of gravel. We call this the "MesaBase" floor and foundation.
Click Here & scroll to see MesaBase info.
The Basic 2x4 EconOdome frame kit used to build this home costs $8,250.
Some geographic locations where building codes are strict will not allow
the construction of the MesaBase foundation without engineering approval.

To create two complete floor levels inside you need a riser wall kit.
The five feet high 2x4 riser wall frame kit costs $1,750.
All other materials may be purchased locally.
This 38.5' diameter dome will have 2,000 sf on two floor levels.
Cost to completely enclose & weatherproof this dome home was about $20,000.
Cost to complete the interior was about $20,000 more.
However, the panels were made on-site and all the labor was provided by family and friends.
Not everyone is able to build a home without hired by-the-hour labor.
So, most likely, your dome home will cost more to build.

Click Here to view mp4 video of dome raising party.

A gas water heater and a water circulation pump are used to heat the floor.
Riser walls + window & door frames are put together at the factory.
The building was framed up to ten feet high in just one hour.
The rest of the boards (struts) were put up one at a time.
It started raining in the afternoon so three people
finished putting the dome framework together the next morning.
Triangle panels made of rigid insulation and DensDeck cover the dome.
Screws with large washers are used to install the triangle panels.
The seams and washers are covered with cloth saturated with resins.
More waterproofing is applied to the surface with paint rollers.
We have found that embedding lapping layers of saturated stretchy cloth
between layers of rubbery waterproof coatings helps to ensure a longer lasting waterproof surface.
Click Here to view avi video tour of nearly complete dome home.

You may wish to order:
A pre-cut R-23 insulated and ventilated exterior triangle panels kit
for the 38.5' dia. Basic EconOdome frame kit including attached TPO shingles.
The exterior triangle panel kit will be installed outside the building frame
with either the Basic or T-Beam EconOdome frame kit.
With the "Basic" EconOdome frame kit, the interior side of the dome roof will need additional insulation
in order to exceed the standard R-38 "roof insulation" building code requirement.
(Building codes require a minimum of R-19 insulation for vertical exterior perimeter walls.)

Or, you may decide to build your new ten-sided, 38.5 feet diameter,
2,000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, dome home with the
Labor-saving "Loft Ledge" T-Beam EconOdome frame kit costing $15,000.
The "Loft Ledge" T-Beam EconOdome frame kit includes:
10 Pre-fab perimeter trapezoids + 3,000 three inch long stainless steel screws
+ Custom framed opening for all exterior doors, windows & skylights
+2x6 trapezoid level (loft ledge kit supp2x6 trapezoid level (loft ledge kit supports loft floor frame)
+ pre-faorts loft floor frame)
+ pre-fabricated 42” high perimeter 2x6 riser wall.

With the "Labor Saving" T-Beam frame kit you will need both the 'Exterior' and 'Interior' panel kits.
Interior triangle panels kits for the 38.5' dia. dome include 210 panels to fill 120 triangular frames.
The 90 largest framed triangles are each filled with two separate interior panels so the panels are lighter and easier to handle.
The Interior R-20 panels consist of 3" rigid insulation with 1/2" sheetrock laminated on the interior side... cost..$6,000.

Exterior triangle panels kits for the 38.5' dia. dome include 230 triangle panels to cover 130 triangular frames
The 100 largest framed triangles are each filled with two separate interior panels so the panels are lighter and easier to handle.
The Exterior R-23 ventilating panels consist of 3" rigid insulation laminated to a triple layer of OSB....cost..$6,000.
Additional Cost to have pre-cut 60mil SureWeld TPO shingles bonded with contact adhesive to the 230 exterior panels is $5,000.
Total cost for the 'Labor Saving' Loft Ledge EconOdome T-Beam Kits for the 38.5' diameter dome home listed above is……$32,000.
Typical Cost of shipping within 1500 miles of Illinois = $2,000

A large 38.5' diameter greenhouse/arboretum stays warm inside year around
by transfering heat from the top of the dome to the earth under the dome.

This 30ft.dia. biodome built in Colorado has polycarbonate on the south side.
Insulated and ventilated triangle panels with TPO roofing are on the north side.
A loft floor or many plants may be suspended inside the dome with cables or chains that are
attached to the ceiling of the EconOdome framework via "eye" bolts positioned at the nodes.

A low profile 4V 38.5' diameter geodesic gazebo provides shade + ambiance.

This is the Ras Mohamed National Park Visitor Center near the Red Sea in Egypt.

Precision Cut EconOdome frame kits can help to create inviting outdoor spaces for people to enjoy.
Gabriel Mikhail, a talented architect, provided both the vision and supervision for this project.
Gabriel Mikhail is also the author of "Oasis of Hope", A Journey through Egypt's National Heritage.

What the people say about building with EconOdome kits.

The EconOdome home design begins with the end in mind.

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