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Honeycomb Floorplan

We would like you to consider dividing up the interior of your dome home using the "honeycomb floorplan". This plan may be used with the 30, 38.5, 48, or 58 foot diameter EconOdome building frames. This floorplan works ideally with the EconOdome building frame. When designing and building the interior----It can be made easy (with the results elegant), or it can be made difficult (and perhaps not so elegant and liveable). In order to create the most liveable spaces within rooms it is best if walls intersect creating angles of ninety degrees and more. With this as one of our design criteria we developed the "honeycomb floorplan".

Visualize this----The ground level floor of your ten sided home has a centrally located pentagonal (five sided) living room with five elongated hexagonal (six sided) rooms surrounding that central pentagon. Walls that intersect the perimeter, do so at ninety degrees in the center of the perimeter walls. This makes alignment and building the walls easy, as the perimeter shell is vertical to above the wall height near the center of the ten vertical trapezoids at the Econ-O-Dome shell perimeter. With this floorplan you may have large arched openings that lead from the central living room to the perimeter rooms to let in light and to open the space completely across the dome. With the honeycomb floorplan, floor joists are smaller and more economical.

This arrangement of having five supporting walls within the ten sided perimeter makes it possible to use more of the second floor space and still create an open feeling within the dome home.
Adding a ceiling above the central open area creates more floorspace at the loft level. You can heat the upstairs and downstairs separately, and have a high ceiling above the common entry that also has a staircase. This will allow for more energy efficiency and other options. Optionally, you may create a large opening above the central living room with a cantilevered balcony above the perimeter of the central livingroom. Detailed floorplan options are in the Econ-O-Dome Planning and Building Manual.

Other options that are possible using the honeycomb floorplan include having a business on one floor and the private home on the other floor. Both floors are accessable via the entry. This floorplan is also ideal for a bed & breakfast establishment. In large domes this floorplan could be used for offices, a mini mall, or a hotel---all with a central atrium, a dramatic entry, and an attractive, unique exterior.

A complete CAD drawn 16 page plan set plus 50 page construction guide is now available
for this Honeycomb Floorplan including optional floorplan layouts.
Cost of the complete plan set with optional floorplans
includes the 200 page EconOdome Planning and Building Manual.

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