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Creators of ten-sided
EconOdome Home Kits (TM)
Precision Double Compound Miter Cut
Dome    Home    Building    Kits
Where Custom is Standard!
Many Design Possibilities
For Your Awesome
Home Sweet Dome



EconOdome home building kits
are designed to be:
Easy to Assemble,
As Economical as possible,
And Elegant with lots of exposed wood.
We have been helping people
to build custom dome homes
since 1982, more than forty years.
Our objective has always been
to make each EconOdome kit
better than the last EconOdome kit.
This concept has resulted
in the creation of an
easier to complete dome home kit
that has evolved to include:
*Pre-trimmed interior facing panels
made with mold guard sheetrock,
*Pre-cut exterior facing panels
with thermoplastic shingles attached,
*Attractive exposed interior wood trim
with rounded edges to hold panels,
*R-40 or greater rigid insulation,
*Custom framed openings for
doors, windows, and skylights.
*EconOdome frame and panel kits
are customized to include large
vertical surfaces for doors and
windows on the lower perimeter.
*Extensions for doors and windows
on lower perimeter are not needed.
*Homes built with EconOdome Kits
are Engineered to be safe in both
high winds and earthquakes.
*EconOdome Kits can be customized
to be safer in forest fires.
*Precision Cut EconOdome Kits
have Ten Equal Sides.
*Ten-Equal-Sides make
Foundation and Floors Easier to Build.
*Ledgers to support the 2nd story floor
on the inside perimeter are not needed as a
Ledge will support the loft level floor joists.
*All skylights are curb mounted and include
heat welded thermoplastic flashing
to prevent leaking.

*We offer insulated panel kits to
pass both R-38 and R-49 building codes.
If you desire, or require, R-50 insulation,
*R-30 exterior panels will cost 20% more.

*Interior panel kits include R-20 insulated panels
consisting of 3" polyiso rigid insulation bonded to
inward facing mold resistant 1/2" sheetrock.
*Exterior panel kits include insulated panels
consisting of rigid insulation under
1/2" non-combustible mold resistant sheetrock
with pre-attached 60mil thermoplastic shingles.
*Scroll down to see drawings of panels construction.

*The EconOdome roof is easily waterproofed
using durable lapping 60 mil TPO or PVC shingles.
*If you desire or code requires a Class A fire rated
roof system, panels need to made with PVC shingles.
*PVC shingles will add 20% to cost of exterior panels.
*Custom cut TPO or PVC shingles are attached
to the exterior panels at the factory.
*Factory attached heat weldable shingles
will save you a lot of time and money
and keep your new dome home...DRY...
both during and after construction.
*Insulation panels are installed both
within and outside the EconOdome framework.
*A continuous layer of rigid insulation outside the
EconOdome framework insulates and prevents the
formation of condensation within the roof cavity.
*Mold resistant building materials within the
exterior insulated weather shield inhibit mold growth.
*The exterior is covered like an expanding umbrella
from top to bottom using the force of gravity to assist you.
*The sturdy geodesic EconOdome framework
provides a place to stand while installing panels.
*Awkward upside-down work is eliminated.
*The EconOdome T-Beam Construction System
developed by Wil Fidroeff DBA Faze Change Produx
eliminates the need for scaffolding and ladders
after the T-Beam struts are screwed together.
*The interior facing insulated panels are held
by the T-Beam struts and T-Beam pattern blocking.
*The exterior facing insulated panels are
installed with 6" screws and 1-1/4" washers at
panel perimeters, under TPO laps.

*The EconOdome T-Beam framework
is Finished on the Inside
with precision cut & sanded exposed 2x4 wood trim.
*The exposed 2x4 wood trim holds
interior facing sheetrock panels.
*The exposed wood is stained and sealed on-site.
Or, brushed with linseed oil and mineral spirits on-site.
*The sheetrock can be painted any color
or clad with a wood veneer on-site.

*After the interior panels are laid in place
within the T-Beam framework,
the Exterior panels are attached outside
the geodesic dome framework.

*The EconOdome T-Beam framework
is enclosed from Top to Bottom,
with pre-cut insulated EconOdome Panels
while standing on the EconOdome framework
just below where you are putting the panels in-place.
*Installing the panels starting from the top
creates a growing umbrella as you cover
and waterproof the dome with the panels
that include durable lapping rubbery shingles.

*EconOdome T-Beam Frame Kits
Plus...........Insulated Panel Kits
With interior finish and exterior shingles,
Plus........Plans, AND,
*The Force of Gravity can help you
to build an awesome dome home.
May The Force Be With You!

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30ft. dia. dome home built
330 miles north of the Arctic Circle
CLICK here FOR MORE INFO and the story about

See pricing for standard customized
4V EconOdome Kits at Dome Kit Prices .


Frame & Panel Kits
to build a 38.5' diameter,
25 feet high, 2-story dome home.
will completely fill a 55' semi-truck trailer.

........Any Questions?...........
What Size Dome Home Do You Want?
Do you want More Sample Plans and More Info?
Please Send email to wil@econodome.com

If you are considering a
30' diameter dome home.
We suggest that you also
SEE www.littledomes.com
and, consider building with a 2V 30 ft. dia.
complete frame and panels kit costing $32,000.
You see, the 2V dome has larger triangles, so
large openable windows may be installed
at eye level above the second story floor.


Sharp pointed ends of struts form nodes on the dome roof/ceiling.
Nodes are stitched securely together with thirty 3" deck screws.
The nodes are also held secure with galvanized steel straps.

T-Beam struts that form the triangles and
T-Beam blocking within the triangle frames
(on the largest 4V sizes and all the 2V sizes)
make a dome frame kit that allows for
easy handling & shipping PLUS

The pretty exposed wood design
is both functional and aesthetic.
On the three largest diameter EconOdome Kits
(the 38.5', the 48', and the 57')
it is necessary to divide the triangles
(each into three separate panels)
so that the panels are not too heavy.

Below are pictures of the Faze Change Produx dome home
and office built over 20 years ago as a prototype.
We learned that it is better to divide triangles differently.

From the Air--Left to Right
Kit Shop Pole Barn--48' dia. EconOdome home, Dog Prairie

Want to write a letter, send sketches,
or,....... visit & discuss your project?
Faze Change Produx is located at:
1331 County Road 1470E,
Sullivan, Illinois 61951

Roam Home to a Dome

Lots of exposed natural wood
creates a fantastic geodesic interior.

Painted panels are held in place by gravity.

Placing Panels creates
a growing umbrella.

Partially Assembled 38.5' Dia. T-Beam Frame Kit

2x6 Riser Wall, Trapezoids,
and EconOdome Struts

Lapping TPO shingles keep this three story
3,000sf dome home dry inside.

Click On Pics Above To Go Inside.

geodesic dome
A partially assembled 38.5 ft. dia. Basic 2x4 EconOdome frame kit. Click pic to see more.

2000 sq.ft.earthbermed
dome home in California

38.5' dia. 2-Story Dome Home
with 30'dia. garage + loft

38.5'dia. T-Beam frame kit
Built with local help in NM

Click on red "K" above to go to Wil's youtube channel
and to learn more about EconOdome frame kits.

The lowest two levels of the building
are made with 2x6 lumber, and,
the top of the dome is made with 2x4 lumber.
All the precison cut framing is flush
at the exterior surface,
so, a "Level Loft Ledge" is created
on the inside perimeter of the dome
because 2x6 lumber is wider than 2x4 lumber.
This two inch wide "Level Loft Ledge"
eliminates the need for a "Ledger"
and is used to support the second story
loft floor framing.
This innovative feature allows you to
more easily, economically, and securely
construct a loft level floor within a dome.

The "Loft Ledge" T-Beam Frame Kit
* Ten internally braced pre-assembled 2x6 riser walls
* Ten ripped to fit 4x6 corner posts to join riser walls
* Ten pre-assembled 2x6 vertical trapezoids
drilled for a cable and customized to
accept doors and windows and to support loft floor
* Ten 2x6 struts and sets of blocking
for between trapezoids
* 170 pre-cut, pre-drilled, rounded, and sanded
2x4 T-Beam struts
* 180 pre-cut, pre-drilled, rounded, and sanded
2x4 T-Beam pattern blocking components
to divide the panels into manageable pieces.
* 3,500 3" stainless steel deck screws
using T-25 drive bits
* 500 24" x 3/4" x .030" pre-punched
galvanized straps (3,500# breaking strength)
* 5,000 1.5" hot dip galvanized #10 nails for straps
* One 3/8" dia. cable with 2 thimbles,
6 clamps + 5/8" turnbuckle


There are many ways to waterproof the exterior surface.
Your dome home can be waterproofed with
lapping rubbery TPO (thermoplastic) shingles.

TPO is most often used to waterproof roofs on
nearly flat commercial buildings.
We have found that TPO roofing
works even better on dome home roofs...and...
TPO roofing shingles can be attached to
exterior panels at the factory (see below)..

So...TPO shingles are bonded/glued to EconOdome
exterior panels at the factory.



as shown below in the drawing and picture.

The Straps Tension themselves when attached due to a forced half twist.

This node connection method puts all struts ends in both compression and tension.

This innovative feature enables you to waterproof
your dome roof much more quickly on the job site.
TPO shingles extend 3" beyond the edges of the panels.
6" screws and 1-1/4" washers (shown below)

are used to secure the exterior panels to the frame
under the TPO at all exterior panel perimeters.
After the panels are attached to the EconOdome roof frame,
THEN the 6" overlaps are "tack welded"
using a heat gun between the laps and
your gloved hand outside the laps.
You can both bond and smooth most of the area
between TPO laps without using the roller.
This will help prevent wrinkles when you
heat weld the outside edges of the laps.
using both the heat gun & a small silicone roller.

A digitally operated heat gun costs $40 at Home Depot.
Other brands of heat guns are also available online.
Heat welding TPO shingles prevents high wind damage.
A dome roof can be also be waterproofed with
composition shingles, metal shingles, or roof coatings.
painted-on waterproofings and site-installed shingles
will require more labor and expense than
factory attached lapping TPO shingles.

Triangle panels are easily attached to the exterior of the EconODome frame
with heavy duty 6" screws and 1-1/4" galvanized steel washers

(included with all panel kits)

Our standard ceiling and roof panel is shown below and
will pass building codes where R-38 roof and ceiling insulation is required.

Our upgraded ceiling and roof panel is shown below and
will pass building codes where R-49 roof and ceiling insulation is required.

In order to stop any possible condensation
inside the dome and in order to stop
any possible mold growth...a perfectly sealed and
highly insulated shell made with inorganic materials
must be installed outside the building frame.
Installing a continuous layer of insulation
outside the building frame also stops air infiltration.
This all helps to shield the interior from weather.
A non-combustible mold resistant cover sheet
is laminated outside the insulation panels
in order to provide a durable, non-combustable cover sheet
under a thermoplastic membrane that will not absorb water.
Commercial buildings are sealed with thermoplastic membranes (TPO & PVC)
over a cover sheet over rigid insulation sheeting.
Homes built with EconOdome Kits are insulated
and waterproofed using this same roofing method
Homes built with EconOdome Kits are protected from the weather
(temperature, rain, snow, hail, & wind)
using the same roofing methods and materials
used to protect expensive hotels and commercial buildings.
We offer two types of thermoplastic roofing membrane products:
60mil TPO and 60mil PVC. The brand will depend upon product availability.
Standard TPO and PVC colors include: white, tan, and gray.
Custom TPO and PVC colors:

will add 20% to the cost of the Exterior Panels.
Using PVC shingles instead of TPO shingles will add 20% to Exterior Panels kit cost..
If you wish, please do request more roofing products info
by sending an email to wil@econodome.com .
Our dome home kits are called
"EconOdome Kits" for a reason.
Comprehensively designed EconOdome Kits
manufactured by Faze Change Produx
can help you to ECONOMICALLY build an awesome dome home.


If you wish to order a custom floor plan
for your new ten-sided dream home,
the cost is $200usa.
A floor plan is the internal layout only.
A custom floor plan is needed before a
complete custom plan set can be drawn.
Revisions of custom floor plans are
sent back and forth by e-mail.
To order your personal custom floor plan,
Select "Buy Now" to make secure payment.

If you wish to discuss design options
for a project you are considering,
Call Wil at 217-521-9294.

We have many already drawn floor plans in stock.
We will provide you with FREE sample floor plans.
Send an e-mail to wil@econodome.com
describing the size and layout of your dream home.
Then we can send you some sample floorplans
that match your description as closely as possible.
Then your custom floor plan can be revised to be
exactly as you wish it to be.
A complete custom plan set will cost
one dollar and fifty cents per square foot.
Please request a "Plans Agreement" if you wish to have
a complete set of custom plans drawn exactly as you wish.
The minimum complete plan set charge is $2,700.
After your custom floor plan is drawn
exactly as you wish, and, when
you wish to proceed with having a
complete custom plan set drawn,
a $1,250 deposit is required to
begin the plan set drawing process.

Please mail payments towards complete plan sets
with a signed plans agreement to our office:
Faze Change Produx / Creators of EconOdome Kits
1331 CR 1470E, Sullivan, IL 61951

If at your location,
you are required to obtain licensed
in-state engineering approval,
we at Faze Change Produx can obtain
engineering approval for you.
Your stamped plan set will meet
all local building code requirements.
The cost for in-state
professional structural
engineering review,
approval and stamping is
one dollar fifty cents per square foot.
The minimum cost for
engineering approval,
if required, is $2,700.
We work together with
structural engineers
during the engineering
review process
to ensure your new dome home will be
as easy as possible to build.

38.5' dia. 2-Story Dome Home built
with a 2x6 Basic EconOdome frame kit.

A cupola allows for fresh air and light.
The greenhouse is also a dining room.

This dome home was built in New Mexico and is
clad with fire safe DensDeck Prime Roof Board.

This southwest style dome home in New Mexico includes a large sunroom between the house and garage.
This home also features custom interior woodwork and three floor levels above the walk-out basement level.

Exterior insulated panels were made on-site.
All on-site labor for this dome home
was provided by family and friends.
More insulation and sheetrock was installed from the inside.

This dome home has a radiantly heated concrete floor
that rests on a raised and retained bed of gravel.
We call this the "MesaBase" floor and foundation.
Click Here & scroll to see more MesaBase info.
A gas water heater and a water circulation pump
are used to heat the concrete floor.
Some geographic locations, where building codes are strict,
will not allow the construction of the MesaBase foundation
without professional structural engineering approval.

Perimeter 2x6 riser walls and 2x6 trapezoids are included
so you can have two floor levels and a place to put doors and windows.
All other materials will need to be purchased locally.
Pre-assembled riser wall frames and trapezoid shaped frames
are assembled at the factory.
Custom framing for doors & windows is included with all EconOdome frame kits.
Triangle panels made of rigid insulation and DensDeck cover this dome.

Screws with large washers were used to install
DensDeck triangle panels over insulation sheeting.
The seams and washers are covered with cloth saturated with resins.
More waterproofing is applied to the surface with paint rollers.
We have found that embedding lapping layers of saturated stretchy cloth
between layers of rubbery waterproof coatings
over the entire exterior surface
helps to ensure a longer lasting waterproof surface.
We recommend the use of Tropi-Cool 100% silicone waterproofing,
if you wish to use paint-on waterproofing products to seal your dome home.
If you want a beautiful and low cost, easy to build, and, spacious dome home....
All considered, we recommend purchasing EconOdome Kits necessary
to both enclose and create a beautiful exposed wood dome ceiling
with the 38.5'dia. T-Beam Loft Ledge Kits which Include:
38.5' diameter EconOdome Loft Ledge frame kit
with ten pre-assembled 2x6 customized* riser walls
and ten customized* 2x6 vertical trapezoids
including ready to stain exposed 2x4 trim
Exposed 2x4 trim is attached to struts at factory.
+ pre-assembled customized** skylight frames
+ stainless steel screws, nails and metal straps
+ 300 interior facing insulated (R-20)
and sheetrocked (unpainted) panels
+ 330 exterior facing insulated (R-20)
and ventilated*** panels
+ customized panels and custom skylight frames
+ pre-cut 60mil TPO triangluar shingles
+ TPO shingles attached at the factory.
*All riser walls and trapezoids are customized to include
framing for all openings for doors and windows per plans.
**Custom skylight frames are for curb mounted skylights.
Cost is $250 extra for each curb mounted skylight frame.
All skylights mounted on the sloping surfaces are curb mounted.
See complete pricing at dome kit prices.

Fish and plants are raised in this 38.5' dia.
biodome built near Spokane, WA.

This 30ft.dia. biodome built in Colorado
has polycarbonate on the south side.
Insulated and ventilated triangle panels
with TPO roofing are on the north side.
A loft floor or many plants may be suspended
inside the dome with cables or chains that are
attached to the ceiling of the EconOdome framework
via "eye" bolts positioned at the nodes.

What the people say about building with EconOdome kits.

The EconOdome home design begins with the end in mind.
Click Here for a "Fuller" explaination.

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